Why would you go abroad
to see a dentist in Hungary?

For a cheaper price? Maybe, but...

I do not speak foreign language.

It is a horror to arrange it.

I do not want to spend months there waiting in line.

Why Dentist Abroad is different?

The price!

Dentist Abroad works much cheaper than the folks in London.

You do not have to crack open secret family stashes just to finance your dental treatments.

We believe that you should know how much will it take exactly down to the penny before we even start the treatment.

Okay, but

I do not want to commute between a foreign country and the UK or spend months there.

I do not know where to stay or which plane to take to which airport.

It does not make any sense!

You are absolutely right!

We got you covered!

If you choose Dentist Abroad you will get our full attention.

You will not be spending months in Hungary but weeks.

We will arrange everything for you.

Starting from
picking the best flight for you...

...Handing our best apartment to you...

...Hooking you up with the best Hungarian dishes...

...So your only concern is if you can get enough sightseeing in those weeks, because Budapest is just that beautiful.


How Dentist Abroad is cheaper than London?

It seems that you put much more on the plate than a regular dentist.

Well you see it right!
We do have to handle a bit more than a usual dentist.

But we love doing it!

Beside that:
In Hungary almost every service is 50-70% cheaper than across the UK.

To summarize what we have

We have the best equipments available on Earth.

We have doctors who are also lecturers on the well known SOTE university.

We are prepared to do almost any treatment even those that you might never heard of.

(If you act fast, you might never have to hear about them)

So, what are you waiting for?

Reserve your Consultation with one of our specialist

So you will get a detailed plan & price for your Dentist Abroad

The consultation will be only available on 2018. Februarz 2. @ London

The cost of the consultation is £50

Schedule it now!

Still not on the hook?

Give your information we call you back with more information. No strings attached!

We are waiting for you, come let's make you smile again!